By Angelique


For all those asking about the new lamp shade, this if the putting together process.

Because it is very difficult to draw the sides up into a cone shape I asked Mr A for his assistance.  We were right in the  delicate stage of beginning to solder the vase cap on when the door bell chimed.  Phoebe was of course on her barking for England mode and the sides all tumbled back down.  It was the man to read the electric metre!!

After Mr A had calmed down we commenced the process again and this time we were successful.  I still have to tidy up the joins etc, so when we finally fit it on the glass hexagonal base I will post another blip.

Having just returned from a very cold walk near the sea. (couldn't get down to the beach as the high tide had destroyed our tunnel down), we walked across Rushey Green instead.  Now need the heating to come on and get something to warm me up!

Sending hugs to you all. xxxx

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