just an ordinary day....

By laineylou3

Well hullo

After dropping a friend I'd met for coffee, I took the farm road back to Edinburgh as it was such a lovely night. I stopped to take a picture of the early evening sky and heard a rustling. Didn't really think much of it although I knew someone was there. ( Why in retrospect I didn't turn and look? Mental note- be more prepared for muggers)
Then two beautiful horses appeared. I felt really guilty that I had nothing for them like a carrot or an apple. The black one ( he kept telling this one off by smacking him with his teeth) didn't show up well in the photo so I've cropped him but he really was beautiful.
Next time I'm over that way I shall be fully apple and carrot equipped.
PS- do horses actually like applesauce and carrots???
PPS.- thanks to Jackie ( Lexi) , I'm going to tag this horse as the most glamorous creature I've seen this week. Honestly, L'Oreal shampoo should get in touch - check out that mane- because he's worth it. ;-0)

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