No-cash & carry!

I have been heartened by blippers' interest in, and encouragement for, our surplus food cafe over the past five years up to its closure last week.

Today saw the birth of a new initiative which will at least ensure that good but non-saleable, or surplus, food will continue to be distributed among the community rather than being wasted and adding to the carbon overload in the atmosphere. This is a Community Fridge seen here in its temporary home in the foyer of the old cafe, until we have to vacate the premises.

As you can see, inside there are perishable goods such as milk and fresh fruit and veg (today mushrooms, peppers, spring onions, cabbages and figs). Alongside are fresh loaves and pastries, below onions and carrots and a couple of huge marrows, on the shelves a variety of dry goods and tins. All these are free for the taking (or a voluntary donation)  - you just write down what's gone (for our records - no names or pack drill required.) The fridge will be monitored, cleaned and restocked twice daily by a rota of volunteers, some of whom will also  be collecting the goods from our established donors (shops, supermarkets and maybe some catering outlets. Already today there's been a contact, in response my social media post, by someone who distributes pre-packed sandwiches, wondering if they could donate left-overs still 'in date'.

On its first day up and running the community fridge was given full marks by the environmental health officer and there have been  several  satisfied customers takers already.  Although the fridge doesn't replace the warm and friendly space that was the cafe  it will at least ensure that the community still has a big stake in the 'war against waste' and everybody benefits in one way or another. 

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