By tondrijfhamer


Lately I've been reading some articles and viewing tutorials about macro photography.
This kind of photography differs quite a lot from the landscapephotography I've been doing for the last couple of years. But since I've been carrying a 100mm macro lense around in my photobag for a long time now, why not give it a try.

With that in mind, and while sweeping autumnleaves from my garden, I bumped into this spider this afternoon. It had made a huge web right across a sidewalk in front of my house.
Reason enough to immediately stop sweeping (tomorrow al the leaves definitely will be back anyway) and getting the camera out.
It took me quite a while to capture it at least a bit sharp. There appeared to be no wind, but as soon as I looked through the camera, it was as if a storm suddenly came up. The spider swinged left, right and up and down through the viewfinder.
I'm fairly pleased with this result though, but I know a better picture can me made, so I'll give it another try (maybe with another spider) soon.

For now it's charging the camerabatteries again, cleaning camera and lenses and getting my gear ready for tomorrowmorning. It's landschapephotographytime again, after a long time. I will be up around 5.30 am and on my way around 6.00am to some nice new locations. One of them probably will be on my next blip.

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