Jolly holly

Home from work earlier than usual for a doctor's appointment - apparently, my ear drums are very dull! Called in at the wholefood shop (usually closed by the time I get in to Wooler) on the way back from the health centre, intending to buy only some porridge oats, but couldn't resist temptation! Left the shop with several items  including a black rye and coriander seed loaf - very heavy and absolutely delicious. It won't last long!

Joined MrM and Louie on an early evening walk around Wooler. During the week, most of the shops on the High Street have been busy putting up their Christmas window displays. Sigh! Maybe it's an age thing, but this year has passed incredibly quickly, and it seems hardly any time at all since last Christmas. I, for one, am finding it difficult to accept that the festive season is almost upon us already.

Guess the holly berries - taken by flash after dark - are a suitable sign of the season...

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