Technology and Tulips..

Back in 1995, I got my first cell phone. It cost $250 and it was 99 cents a minute to make phone calls.. Along Interstate 5 there were 50-100 miles sections with no service..

Late in 1995 when Window 95 came out I purchased a Pentium 90 Laptop with 24 megabytes of ram.. A nearly $4,000 laptop.. With my cell phone I was now able to send a text based email from where I had cell service for $2.00 each.. A 77k picture was nearly $5.00..

Fast forward to today and the laptop in this blip that I use almost daily was $149.00.. That cell phone off contract was only $99.00...with unlimited phone calls, unlimited text and 22 GB of data...for $60.00 a month..

I mention this because I have always been fascinated with technology and a driver at work mentioned to me about a radio station in Australia that plays 24/7 trucking / transportation songs.. from 60 years ago to now...

So because the radio station streams it music over the internet, I just use my cell phone to receive that stream.. I then send that via bluetooth to the truck stereo.. From Seattle Washington to Eugene Oregon, I can listen to that Australian radio station without a single interruption.. handed off cell tower to cell tower all along the way... Fascinating and really cool..

A child friendly trucking tune

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