By GracieG

A Lesson in Light

Our photography teacher gave us a lesson in portraiture today.  After some information and a demonstration on how to light your sitter, we took turns to be in the hot seat and have our portraits taken.  We were working in black and white and so were using the light and shade to create different effects.
For the sake of my fellow class mate’s privacy I haven’t included any of the portraits here but I have included this test shot of hands holding a candle.  It was an interesting session and something that I haven’t had much experience of before.
On the subjects of portraits, dear friend B is coming round tomorrow to take a colourful, cheerful smiling photo of me (unlike the more ‘arty’ ones we did yesterday) as I have to submit it with some photos for a competition to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the North Norfolk area being ‘An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ in 2018.

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