Breakey Blips

By ElizabethB

'Lest we forget

99 years and counting since that Armistice was signed on 11am on 11th of November 1918.
I was asked to speak and decided to talk about one of the men listed on the parish honour roll, John Miles, who was the Great Grandfather of a friend of mine.
He was a 37 year old sergeant major in Australia, training new recruits before the social pressure of receiving white feathers forced him to sign up. Cutting a long story short, he was killed in action, on 26 April 1918. Before he embarked for France, he sent his six children a desperately sad letter saying if you receive this, then I am dead.

However, as I walked up to the lectern, my speech on the iPad closed and disappeared, and it was too bright to see the screen.
Nightmare! So I had to make it up! Talk about Remembering what I had written!
My final part was about working for peace, and I asked the gathered audience to share a handshake with their neighbour, which seemed like a step in the right direction today.

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