By OldTimer

,Monarch Grub

I now have10 or more grubs eating their way through my swan plant.  I was too lazy to get out the tripod so not a sharp image.
I haven't stopped all day. Cooked pies and even made a custard square which I haven't done in at least 50 years. Will test it out on Gitama tomorrow.
I stacked more of my wood away, it has been a big task but am almost at the end of it. I sure wont be cold next winter.
It is now getting close to midnight  and have just finished the prayers and sermon for tomorrow morning. Why oh why don't I work ahead of time instead of putting myself under so much pressure.  I know only I can change that bad habit. Thankyou to all you lovely people that liked my lupin from yesterday, your hearts and stars are much appreciated

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