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Doris The Trolley (Friday 10th November 2017)

It was All Change on Friday, as the Fluffy household were moving out of their home. I didn't see Fluffy there when I made my goodbyes to the others, because she was asleep in another room and they didn't want her to deduce anything was up before her long trip to Yorkshire, but I have since seen pictures of her settling in well at her new domain in Shadwell.

Doris The Trolley and the pots on it were generously donated to me by Fluffy's keepers (along with the homegrown branch behind it from which bird feeders will be hung when it is installed), and will prove very useful.

It was also Gardening Friday and there was a timely delivery of a young grapevine and some rhubarb plants while R. was on hand to work out where to plant them in, and a batch of spring bulbs were also put in.

In Calne, the repaired bronze pigs were unveiled by the Mayor at 1600 hour in a ceremony that I did not attend - but the pigs will be blipped in due course.

11.11.2017 (1601 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Roy Harper - Ageing Raver (recorded November 1967, CBS Studios, London)
From the album Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith which was produced by Shel Talmy and is included on the Ace album Making Time - A Shel Talmy Production, which I was playing on this day. I used to see Roy Harper live quite frequently in the sixties and had this much played vinyl album, but don't have it anymore and hadn't heard this for many years.

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