Spreading starlight

The curry and aromatic rice was eaten by this stage, the beer and wine drunk, the G&Ts long forgotten. Here I am writing instructions for making origami 5 pointed stars, after a short session of guidance and success with star creation!

The closest chocolates came from Brussels where ruth has been working this week, the tin that is almost empty is the chocolate I made (minus liquorice, it was fine). The chocolates near to the tray of biscuits were brought by Rose. It was that sort of evening; foody, conversational, celebrating Ruth's birthday, catching up with each other. Really lovely.

And now two more people in the area can make stars, and I suspect one of them has caught the bug.

It rained all day today, and there was freezing rain as it hit the cold roads. As slippery as you like on our doorstep this morning but it warmed up a couple of degrees and all the ice melted. We are on the edge of winter.... There was a major pile up this morning south of here, it closed the main (only) road in both directions for sometime. The first real ice of the season is hard work people have forgotten how to behave. I was quite happy to be indoor to be honest!

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