Fire and Ice

I picked a Leo up an hour early from his school sleepover as he needed to get to Axminster for a footie match.

Ian is still feeling rough so Leo and am set off and my mum and Dad came along to cheer Leo on. We had just started out when we had the call to say the match was cancelled because of the weather! Leo was most unimpressed that he missed the last hour of fun for no reason.

We turned around and headed to Exeter instead where we did some Christmas shopping. A new range of boots are out so mum bought Leo the Fire studs and I bought the Ice astros. They are now safely stashed away until Christmas day.

Later Leo and I headed in to Exeter for a second time as we watched the Grecians take on Grimsby. We got totally soaked and frozen - so just as well Ian didn’t venture out with us. Exeter won 2-0 and it was a great match to watch, even though we shivered our way through some of it

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