Oh Dear!

I was planning on photographing the new bedroom curtains which are scheduled to be (finally!) installed this afternoon ... 8 months after we ordered them, but Mabel had other plans.

After Mr. W returned from a rousing series of squash games at the gym this morning, he retired to the shower (as one does.)  Shortly after he did so, I heard odd clacking noises emanating from the living room.  Upon investigation, I discovered Mabel had found his protective glasses, and had quickly dispatched them to the eye protection graveyard.  In no time at all she'd managed to dislodge both lenses (thoroughly chewing them in the process), and had also amputated both ear piece arms at their nether ends.  Perhaps she did Mr. W a good turn ... considering how they didn't even attempt to stand up to her mauling, I wonder how effective they would have been at protecting his eyes from a wayward squash ball traveling at velocity?

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