Adam's Images

By ajt

Black and white

This is a cropped picture of my faithful IBM KB-7593 keyboard. It used to be attached to the IBM Power systems in the server room, but as they were decommissioned and scrapped I was given several to take home. It isn't a famous buckling spring keyboard, but it is still a lot better than the modern cheap rubbish that most people have.

After years of service the first one died with a short on the sensor bed, and I switched over to using another one. I rather liked the black version better than the white version, and so I combined some of the black keys onto the white keyboard to create this ISO pattern that you almost never see.

At the moment when I work from home I use this keyboard instead of the awful Dell keyboard on my work's laptop which is utterly dire - but then most laptop keyboards are. The picture rather lends its self well to a monochrome image I think!

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