Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

My Guilty Pleasure

Because of the theme today, I was forced to go for a photo walk around my favorite park, Golden Ponds. ;-)   I feel guilty taking that hour or so when I have a lot to do at home but I'm always glad I did.  It was a perfect day, sunny and 72F (22C).  When I got home, we spent 3 hours mulching leaves and doing general clean up in the front yard so I got to spend most of the day outside.  Did I mention that I went to water aerobics before my walk?  I'm pretty tired!  Anyway....I took mostly scenery shots but when I saw these two, I knew they would be blipstars today.  Many thanks to Marlieske for hosting Mono Mondays this month!

And thank you to everyone who visited my journal yesterday and sprinkled stars and hearts.  I appreciate all of them!  

Of course, Blip is my real guilty pleasure!!  I hope to get my comments back on in another week with a new time management plan....

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