Ouch, That Hurts!

During tennis this morning I was reversing for a high volley when I went over on my ar backside. It took a few minutes before I could get up and get off the court to let the others carry on. I got back into the lesson although I did many things a bit tentatively. Nothing seems to be severely damaged but I definitely don't bounce as well as I used to! A hot bath with epsom salts was prescribed and I'm having regular icepacks on my lower back.

The other 'ouch' was receiving the estimate for the repairs to my crashed drone. It seems there was more damage than I had established myself. Not surprising I suppose. Obviously, I have to take these findings on trust because I'm not there to examine the evidence.

By contrast, it was good to receive my order of 2018 calendars from Photobox. If the image doesn't look 100% clear it's because the top surface is a sheet of lightly textured PVC to protect the calendar. They're A3 size and they don't come very cheap but they're always better value if you get a 50% discount deal which I always look for in the run up to Christmas. My photos are all of the local area this year. I'll be keeping one for ourselves and sending the others to close friends and family. I've photographed it against a crocheted blanket which Lady Marian is presently creating.

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