Leave some place for wildlife!

Had to pay a visit to the hospital today so nipped over the road to take some pictures of the Lón Mór, a large area of wetland in the middle of what is one of Oban's most recent and largest developments. Behind the new Lorn & Islands Hospital the centre of Glenshellach is now a sprawling industrial zone, pushing down the glen towards the sea, and on the fringes and along the higher ground there are many, many new houses, likewise pushing towards the sea. I've seen photographs from the 1960s when Glenshellach was still farmed, with the stooks standing in the fields at harvest time. This area is part of the catchment of the upper Black Lynn and my picture shows where it becomes the Black Lynn proper for the first time, I believe.
Developers have pushed into the Lón Mór as far as they can, but I think it would be difficult to go further. Those of us at 'Keep Oban Beautiful' are meeting with planning officers shortly to ask questions about a number of undeveloped fragments of land in Oban; although the Lón Mór is owned by the developers it should certainly be saved as a real piece of wetland within the town boundaries.
I can't find out what Lón Mór means - the big something! Maybe snapper will tell me.

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