By wellsforzoe

Our 41st visit to Malawi

Mary and I made our 41st visit to Malawi today. As usual, Harrisen met us with a smiling face and we made the 4 hour journey from the airport in the capital city,  Lilongwe,  to Mzuzu. 

When we got to the factory, we got everyone together, like we often do. This gives us a chance to hear from everyone and catch up on what they are up to, congratulate those (a few of our form 4 girls were  present) who are doing well and offer words of encouragement and motivation to those who need it. 

The most important thing for us is to hear honest accounts of people stories, which is encouragement for the younger girls coming through. Take Chrissie for example, she came to us looking for a job with a great attitude and said she would work hard at whatever job we had for her. She started as a cook, but was curious about what was happening in the workshop where the pumps were made. She asked questions, observed and learned - now she is in there full time making the pumps we install in the villages and is just as much a part of the team as the men in there.

I was also a year older. Minerals and buns were a no brainer!

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