Nature's Colours

of Autumn :)

For Wide Angle Wednesday with thanks to BobsBlips :)

To follow on from yesterday:

I went to see the musculosketal woman specialist at the doctors today.  

She was quite brusque with me :(   I am not making up the pain..but seemed like she thought I was (and moreorless told me to get on with it, although has referred me for physio thankfully)...  Seems its this thing called 'sciatica' and unfortunately I can't take any other painkillers that would help it better due to my other meds, so I have to 'get on and put up with it' :(

She also didn't know why I'd been referred and said 'who is this Dr....  she's not one of the partners, probably a locum' which I thought was very rude..

Anyway, I came away almost in tears after being prodded and poked .  Its felt like that appointment was a waste of time altogether really :(

(I'm now thinking of getting a 'tens machine'. for myself (without being advised to).  Any suggestions?

So after that, although I'm in a lot of pain, the supermarket and chocolate was my big aim (I've eaten way too much now)., but on the way home I popped to the local river from my talesoftheriverbank series and took a few autumnal pictures here  :)

When I got home, I was reading your blips and had a good laugh at JazzyB's  If you've got time, take a look, its so funny :)

Tomorrow another agency visit.

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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