Interesting, but second best!

So this was not the blip I was hoping for today but I do like it. I wanted a heron shot but he is not co-operating with me. Last Monday while walking home from physio I was crossing the bridge and , as always, I glanced down at the river. There he was, a heron, just sitting on some logs. Did I have my camera? No, of course not. So on Wednesday I take my camera and of course, no heron! This Monday I forget my camera. Walking towards the bridge muttering to myself, and the heron, about how he better not be there and just as I reach the spot and glance down he flies in and lands in the exact same spot! I gave him a little piece of my mind and walked off with more muttering. So I am sure you can all guess what happened today. Camera and no heron. I will capture him one day!

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