City at Night

We spent the afternoon at the new Museum of African American History.  It was our first visit, although it has been open for a while. We waited to avoid the crowds.  The museum is beyond excellent in presenting the history of slavery in the Western Hemisphere and the impact it has had on the US history and culture.  It is incomprehensible that economic need made it acceptable to treat humans as property to be bought and sold.  We have such a shameful history of violence and hatred and sadly some of that has been rekindled in recent times. I am sure Abe would be very disappointed in us. 

There are some incredible views from the upper levels of the museum which allow perspectives of some of the monuments that can't be found elsewhere.  We stayed until closing and then walked down the mall to the Lincoln Memorial at dusk.  I have been in the City many times at night, for dinner, concerts, sporting events, but I have never just walked around taking photos of the monuments at night. I am not sure why I haven't done this.   I did not have my tripod but I managed to get a few shots that I liked.  See extras. One of them is the World War II Memorial and the other is the Lincoln Memorial taken with the telephoto lens from the upper level of the Museum. 

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