Marischal Square

I noticed today parts of Marischal Square are starting to open up as I walked past. The photo shows Provost Skene House now largely enclosed by the new office development. The building dates from about 1550. Although an attractive green area has been installed in front of the house it is otherwise totally dominated by the uninspiring office blocks by which it is surrounded.

I was on my way to the cinema to see "Murder on the Orient Express". For me one of the highlights was seeing Judi Dench keeping a firm hand on a dog looking rather like Cosmo. The dog must have been uncooperative in earlier takes, but in the film she has an iron grip on the dog from which it was not going to escape. It must have been gasping for breath by the end of the scene.

Following the film we went to Nick Nairn's nearby pizza restaurant. I ordered Pizza with Prosciutto, thinking it would be ham (prosciutto cotto), actually it turned out to be Prosciutto Crudo. Either the pizza or the prosciutto was too salty for my taste, and I do like salt. This rather spoilt the pizza for me, though it increased my water intake. I will maybe give the pizzeria another chance before writing it off.

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