The Lurker and the Watcher

Looking at the shadow of the houses, cast across the frosty playing field, I spotted a lurker between the houses. I quickly looked around but there was no-one there. I turned back to the field and there he was again.
No matter how quickly I turned I could not catch him watching behind me! It was like something out of 'The Twilight Zone' (No, nothing to do with vampires, you've got to be a bit older than 20 to know The Twilight Zone!)
Being me I had the Genesis track 'Dodo (The Lurker)' going through my mind of course!
I was going to use 'The Watcher' photo of Jonty but it's out of focus, doesn't look so bad small.
It was a very cold and frosty morning for a walk but sunny, and we really enjoyed it.

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