Lost in Thought

By steveng

Sciatica turbo fix

Back-blipped as I realised late on this was the only photograph I had taken. 

I woke up with sciatica* and decided a session on the turbo trainer might well get rid of it, which it did :-)  Turbo trainer cycling not being the most exciting of exercise formats I put the tablet on Gill's music stand and watched a couple of photography videos on You Tube.  

My least enthralling Strava record here!

Thanks to everyone who has visited my journal recently - I'm in the work, eat, sleep repeat week of the rota so time commenting is in short supply :-)  Next week is the much easier week 4 which we all look forward to. 

*I was involved in a road accident when I was 19 and cracked the bottom two vertebrae in my spine,  ever since then I have been susceptible to back pain, but I find that when I am cycling regularly it is kept in check.  No idea why, I'm guessing the rotating motion of pedalling lets the nerves and joints sort themselves out.

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