Autumn Bouquet.... the grocery store. There isn’t a single flower blooming anywhere outside, so I took this when Mae and I went grocery shopping, & what an experience that was!
I held a bag open while she leaned over, grabbed potatoes and dropped them into the bag......only then she wanted a bag to drop the bananas into. While loudly fussing over the fact that I’d just laid the bananas inside the cart—sans bag—she realized how her voice echoed with the high ceilings, so started loudly calling “grandma”..........repeatedly! I distracted her by asking her to hold my shopping list and tell me what else I needed——to which she replied “BAG!” She’s persistent and focused, in case you can’t tell. Trying not to laugh, as that only brings on repetition of the unwanted behavior, I said I thought the next item was cheese! “No cheese! Cookies!” was the answer I got. And so it went until checkout, at which time she wanted to help me put the items onto the conveyor, so I’d hand her something to set on it; all was well.....until she spotted the bananas!!! She starts wailing “BAG, BAG, BAG”, like it’s the end of the the cashier rings them up, pulls out a plastic bag, puts the bananas into the bag & hands them to Mae.....who miraculously—and instantaneously—stops wailing, gets a huge grin on her face, says “Thank you” to the cashier, turns to look at me, holds it up and triumphantly says “BAG”! And so goes a day in the life of a two year old! :))))

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