Hawaiian Torch Ginger Flower

This is a new flower for me; the area we visited is the only place I have seen one of these flowers, it was a rainforest area. The flower is eye catching because it is quite large and the color is a bold red.

Another lovely day of snorkeling, resting and then taking our son & daughter in law to the airport. I hope I sleep better tonight; I suppose I was worrying about getting my daughter in law comfortably into the water to snorkel. She became afraid when she tried it a couple days ago; I was hoping if I went out with her she would be fine.....but she was fearful and the waves scared her again. She went out with me a little ways and finally enjoyed it for ...........maybe 5 minutes before she got afraid and wanted to go in. :-((  Too bad because the experience can be so exciting. Oh well.....it isn't for everyone.

I will be back tomorrow with something new from our vacation. See you then.

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