By angellightphoto

third time lucky

...we returned home today but stopped off at Knowle House near Sevenoaks on the way. I have many happy memories of visiting the house and park as a boy, so it was good to see it again today. We will have to go again in a couple of years because it is undergoing major restoration and many of the rooms and works of art are not on display.

A few days ago, I failed to get any good images of a Dock Bug, Coreus marginatus, because of bad light. On Saturday, a similar story unfolded when I found several adults on some blackberry bushes. Just as I spotted them, a large black cloud cast them into the shade. It was one of those clouds that manages to obscure the sun out of all proportion to its size and, by the time the light improved the bugs had given up waiting and disappeared! So, I was delighted when I found this nymph. This is its final stage before it becomes an adult, a good example of which you can find in mollyblobs journal here...

Weekend back blips:




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