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By ajt

Carnaby Street

I went to to London with a free train ticket. I didn't really need anything in particular but I did want to check some American made boots/shoes that I can't try on here.I managed to get a few bits and bobs on Oxford Street and the went to find the shoe shop - which is just off Carnaby Street (today's blip). They didn't have the shoes in my colour and size, but they did have the right size in a different colour, so I tried them on. They are too expensive to buy just because I like them in the wrong colour, but I may mail-order the right colour in that size if I feel like it...

I was quite surprised with London, it was a bit of a cool, grey and damp day, but even so, the place seemed deserted, I was able to walk along both Oxford Street and Regent Street without any problem, and the shops I did go in weren't exactly busy either. In the past we've avoided London in the run up to Christmas because yo couldn't move, but today it was almost pleasant to walk about.

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