Watching the Big Game on the Radio

Grandson is playing in the rivalrous CAL/Stanford game, and here we are, homebound for many reasons. If you squint at the weather station, you can see it's a pleasant 70 degrees around the table, although 57 and dropping outside. The Action chair is a collaborative project from same grandson's 6th grade art class; I bid on it in an on-line auction to raise money for the middle school and it's been in the dining room ever since. The black rectangle is a portable speaker hooked up to the local radio station; we don't have cable tv so we don't get any programs unless my son comes over with his bag o' tricks, but he's at the game with front row seats! Go Bears!

It has been brought to my attention that I left the cup out of the story... We'll, it's not a beer glass because neither one of us is up for alcohol at the moment. And if you can't have a beer with a big game, what's the next best thing? A cup of tea! Not something you''re usually offered at the stadium. It's a design by a local artist named Anna Oneglia. Years ago I was in a weekly writing group called Puppies and Kitties, and the cup was a Christmas gift from one of the writers...

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