Jumping for joy

Well, I wasn't at the time.  Rich dropped me off for a potter around the Cow & Calf while he went for food.  The last couple of days, my hip has not been playing nicely, feeling quite hurty while walking. So I'd written off riding my bike.  

Being sensible.

We went for a Salami lunch for our weekend treat and walking out felt better than walking in.  

"Bike time, maybe?" I thought in small letters.

The letters grew.  And, by the time we arrived home, I'd concluded a short Otley-Ilkley cycle would be a good try.  So I tried.

Well, I felt remarkably good and I was very well behaved (although I went past the shortcut with my eyes closed in case I remembered how much more sensible that would be.)

And now, better still.  

I've had a bath which nearly turned into disaster had I not called in a favour from Rich (for rescuing him from a puncture this afternoon.)  


Can there be anything more disappointing than a full bath of luke warm water?

Three times he trundled off downstairs for another kettle full. Hero!

I've changed back to my winter wheels, remembered to change the brake blocks too.  But, my free hub seems not to be working. I changed the chain as it was sticking and hoped that may be it, but no.   Maybe I've done something wrong as I'm sure my hub was changed not so long ago.  Time to call in Chris, the bike man.  And he can check over my work too which will probably be worthwhile.

So, I am now, almost as joyful as these guys after a semi-successful day.

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