By DonnaWanna

Mono Monday 200 - Festive

I must confess I was looking for something to do with the silly season. Street decorations or something but as yet there is nothing!

After work we ventured down to the lake for quick walk through and as we stopped on the viewing platform hundreds of blossom caps came raining down upon us from the big gum tree we were standing under! As I turned around I saw our shadows, fumbled with the camera and at the same time Toto moved behind me as he didn't like all these things falling on him and wouldn't move back into position!

When I converted this image to mono the blossom tops took on the appearance of little festive lights, perfect to celebrate Mono Monday's 200th Birthday woo hooooo and Hip Hip Hooray!! :o)

Looks even more Festive in large with the black background!

Big thanks to Marlieske for hosting! :o)xxx

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