1000 Blips With My Viewfinder

It all began with Beewriter, a bacon breakfast and then blip . Bit of pressure from Bee but fun .
Here I am 1000 blips later. Still prefer video and my stills have not improved . Yet I'm happy . Where I go from here, no idea. Only time will tell. For me Blip will continue as a reference .Today I purchased a new camera. The Panasonic FZ 200 ,a present to myself . One reason being at last have cast the dratted stick away and can walk ,walk ,walk.. After so many accidents and recovery I look forward to using this. Had I been in Manchester today, a Canada Goose would have featured . However this is Berlin hence one of my corvid pals from this morning. Writing this in Saturn Cafe and wish to say thanks to all the terrific people I've got to know on Blip.
Living in Germany = zero blip meets but one still has blipfoto.

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