Photographers' Swansong

Yesterday my friend, Eric and I mounted our seventh and final annual exhibition at Dunbar Library and today I was putting the finishing touches to it. Over the years it has proved a valuable process as it forces us to review our images over the year in order to produce a coherent exhibition. 

This year we decided to take theme of trees and woodland and this proved a valuable focus and has allowed me to be more familiar with a number of our local woodland, I have in fact discovered a couple of woods that I have never visited previously. Our styles of photography could not be more different as I tend to be quite naturalistic whilst Eric likes to convey meaning in his images through montaging and multiple layers. This year he has used haiku verses as his inspiration. 

However, we have decided to call a halt this year as the process of mounting an exhibition is quite time-consuming and costly. I reckon it costs me at least £50 each year in printing and mounting costs even though I do all this myself. I also find mounting prints a bit of a chore.We both also produce books of our work and I suspect that this is the area where a our future energies will lie. I hope I will also find continued reasons to be making prints as much of my printing expertise has been honed in exhibition preparation.

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