Easy Plant

which was brought on from a cutting last year or so. It has got to be the easiest plant ever. It has evergreen quite fleshy leaves and many strange flowers. It is very floriferous. My cousins Archie and Babs Lockie gave me the original cuttings but this is not that original. It came from the "Sheriffmuir Inn" a restaurant and hotel north of Dunblane. My sister and I asked for a cutting of it. I hope hers is doing well too. I'm very fond of it. It is a slightly different breed. 

So today Mr AF had appointments in Dunblane and Stirling and I was semi home alone but I did have coffee with Omar ( a son of my friend ) who happens to be the designer of the Weir project near us.............to help the trout and Salmon move up and down the river. It is a small world.....................sometimes. I will put another photo in extra of the end of the  weir project and the designer Omar is there on the left I think....I might be wrong............A few of you can inform me

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