One Crowded Hour

By GlassRoad


Next Sunday, in our street we are having a community garden walk.

Organized by D (and hubby R) who live at the end of the 'no through road'... she is the street's 'godmother' and through her good ministrations and Christmas street parties we all know each other..we will meet at their place, wander through the various gardens and then have a bbq back at their place.

As a result there has been mass activity with weeding, mowing, pruning , planting and general tarting up.
Today I donned straw hat and with my 'lovely' assistant A, got stuck into our garden which I must say is now looking quite presentable. Not a very helpful assistant mind you as apart from raising an eyelid when a bobtail scuttled past his nose, A dozed in the shade. Needless to say when 3pm arrived he had risen from the deepest sleep and was hanging out for 'the walk'.

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