Modigliani Show ...

... at the Jewish Museum in Manhattan, entitled Modigliani Unmasked. It is absolutely superb, not least due to the six sculptured heads which it includes (one is in the next gallery; I swear that the color of the lady's pants was not preplanned :) Otherwise drawings dominate, with ca. a dozen well-selected paintings. Other exhibitions were Josef Albers in Mexico at the Guggenheim, the Thaw Collection at the Morgan Library, and several shows at the New York Historical Society  (notably the Vietnam War and photos of John Kennedy).  In the evening we had dinner at  Dodee and Bob's at their place on Park Avenue (we'll see her again early in January in Paris).  

Posted next morning. I've just realize that it's my 8th blipversary by Edinburgh's count; but that was reset at the reorganization a few years ago--by my count it will be 10 February 2018 :)

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