Here and Now

By Mole

License plate lanterns

Not the sharpest shot but the most interesting find this morning. Feeling more like myself today after a a full night of sleep (finally!). Had breakfast at YT with Glorianne in between her trips to China and India where her husband donates time doing gratis pediatric eye surgeries. I walked around the village for the first time in months to visit some of my favorite haunts including Magnolia and Fireside Bookstore. Didn’t go to the hardware store since I spent so much time there Monday (door hinges for my library door).

Picked up some free cans good for garden debris and a water barrel I hope to McYver in the Spring.

Grateful to enjoy simple pleasures like waitress Emma’s beautiful smile ( in extra). At least 5 waitresses asked if I had been helped while waiting for a table. Good training, courtesy, and customer service are not completely dead!

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