Merely Fowl

Had a beautiful blast up the A10 in my yellow S2000 to the RSPB Fowlmere reserve in Cambridgeshire where I met my old mate. The area used to be a watercress farm and is fed by a chalk stream. I think I spotted a brown trout. We had a lovely circular walk and glimpsed light aircraft at the former RAF Fowlmere through the trees. Even though we visited three hides, unfortunately we saw only a moorhen and a few mallards. We returned to the largest hide at dusk hoping for a barn owl. We were out of luck again. Someone dumped four cockerels at the reserve a while ago and they seem to be managing well in the wild. I think they're Brown Leghorns. I seem to remember someone telling me that it's not pronounced leg-horn but legorn. I've just read that the word is an anglicised version of Livorno, the port city in Italy where these birds originated. 

Today's poem is What It Is by Erich Fried.

"It is what it is says love."

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