By Leiflife

Dancing with My Father...and Beyond

On my second day in Indianola, I did a presentation at the library for the garden club. On my way in, I passed by the children's section where my father's fairytale prints literally papered the walls. It seemed a welcoming and also a positive sign. 

I had thought for this event to be rather laid back so that I could save energy for the evening's performance. Ridiculous thought! I have never been able to hold back the energy that arises when I am sharing my life's experience, especially the feelings and insights that came as I wrote my memories of my father. Once a performer, always a performer. Though the word doesn't really express what takes place when I open myself to what can happen between myself and my audience. No words, really.

Four hours later I must take the stage at the BB King Museum. This museum is a tribute to the life and career of this amazing musician. He is truly worth looking up online. 

Amazingly, as people gathered in the small auditorium and filled the church pews that served as seats, my supposed exhaustion left me and allowed the spirit to move the body. The exchange of energy was magical, and the racial balance of the audience was tremendously satisfying. I felt so humbled and honored to be received in this place. And to receive in turn.

Extras of the dancer and of the library... The faithful Anna caught these moments in my dance!

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