It's been rather a different morning for me, meeting up with Sarah in Bradford to take a look at a couple of photography exhibitions.  I can't remember the last time I was in Bradford in the daytime but it really is a rather fine city centre now.  

We enjoyed a coffee catchup first, of course, overlooking Centenary Square in the sunshine.  By the time we'd come out of the exhibition of women photographers in the First World War, it was spitting with rain but we headed up to the National Science & Media Museum to see the City Girls exhibition - coincidentally more from a female photographer.  

They were both well worth a visit and what was fascinating was how  captivating some photographers can be.  I don't analyse photos or art very often; I just like them ...or not.  Here, I enjoyed trying to work out why some photos were really evocative and others really were not.  

Is it in the photographer's eye, the instruction to the subject or luck?

Given the number of photos I've deleted today, I seem to think I rely rather extensively on luck to capture a moment!

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