By Houseonahill6

Ready to pounce

Back blip
We caught the 9 o clock train to Aberdeen . Lots of the fields were flooded on the way down but lots of ducks, geese and swans looked happy swimming or wadding through the expanded water available.
In to Aberdeen and off to find the leopard.It’s sort of hidden away really in between lots of glass buildings that are in the process of being completed.
An impressive steel 5 metre tall leopard sits on a 10 metre high column and weighing just over two tons. Created by Andy Scott, designer of the Falkirk Kelpies.
It was absolutely pouring and we made a quick dash to M&S and had lunch , too wet to look for anywhere else. Busy in the cafe but we managed to get a seat, just had to block out the volume of chat around us.
We got confused between Union Square and Union Street and went down to Square where we thought we could catch the bus to our hotel, wrong, we needed Union Street so had to walk back to wear we came from, even heavier rain by now with water dripping and squirting from the gutters and down pipes.
Just a 20 minute wait for the bus and then on to the hotel.The bus stopped just outside which was good.
A rest and then off to see The Killers. Brilliant, a fantastic light show and great atmosphere.We stood near the sound/lighting area so I could lean against the barriers. Also meant we were near the confetti cannons so got covered ;)
Still raining but just 5 minutes to get back to our room.

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