The World Through My Eyes

By Marlieske

The Magnificent One

I spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time at the Maashorst today... I was there at 11:00 and left at 14:15... wet, freezing and starving (I took only an apple with me) But it was well worth it... When I finally found the Wisents, they were in the middle of the protected area :-(... I waited patiently til they came my way...Oh what a joy... I made many photo's and a few movies, I was so busy filming that I almost fell down in the grass...But I still was filming, so there are Wisents, grass and sky in it... lol... 
I think I made a new friend today... It's an elderly very nice man, he even showed me one of his little secrets (deer antler mushrooms)... something he never ever does... he said... well anyway, we had a nice chat and we both love the Wisents... 

Thank you all so much for the overwhelming love for my yesterdays Blip... Xxx 

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