Autumn sky over Groningen

I was working from home today, combining work with Inge's performance singing, dancing and acting during 'Showtime' at school and taking her to orchestra rehearsal. I had already worked extra on Wednesday so I didn't have to work the entire day. Martine is away for the weekend so it's me and the girls. After rehearsal we took it easy at home, eating sandwiches for dinner while watching a movie on Netflix. Once the girls were in bed, I did some Sinterklaas shopping (online). Not ready yet, but it's getting there!

The photo was taken by Inge on the way to Groningen for orchestra rehearsal. These skies are just too beautiful to ignore but I couldn't take any pictures while driving through town so Inge helped me out taking the photo through the windshield. She did a good job! In case you're wondering: I blurred the license plate of the car in front of us.

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