Resting Spider

The hairy head, stripy and bristled legs and the way the front legs are stretched out suggest this orbweb spider is a native Novaranea. They have a wide variation in pattern and colours, which makes it difficult to identify from pictures. They are very hard to find too, because the orb web is not visible by day. She weaves it in the evening and removes it before morning. With all four front legs stretched out she merges into the grass seed.

There are plenty of praying mantis nymphs about. Some have eaten and they are growing and becoming paler in colour. Some are still very small and I suspect they have yet to catch a meal. I saw a particularly tiny one today with a minute fly. Perhaps it is the first time it has eaten. See extra shot. Not a great shot, but I was thrilled to capture the face-on angle at such a small scale. It’s very subtle, however.

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