By Jostijn

My Baby

The show of My Baby was good, although the first three songs were only colored blue and purple (I hate that, happens a lot).
I luckily managed to make something out of it. 

This morning I had to get up very early (6 am) to travel to Amsterdam for a photoshoot at the first Impact Challenge. 
There was a guy next to me on the balcony of the crowded train who went very ill all of a sudden - white face, lots of sweat - but he was hesitant to accept my help, said he was allright (he clearly wasn't). That hasn't happened to me before, I am used to help people when they are in need, but this was strange. So, I gave him my place to sit and offered him some water, and then I had to get out of my train. Hope he is okay. 

On the way back home I had to stand for 2 hours due to delays and complete full trains. Next time I'll take the car again. 

See you tomorrow

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