Distracted by shiny things - again

I woke up super-early around 3:00 - grrr. I eventually gave in to the insomnia just after 05:00 and spent the next three hours or so at my computer (blipping, blogging, Facebook, planning) until Mr hazelh emerged. After breakfast I climbed back into bed to see if I could pick up on my abandoned sleep, but to no avail :-(

Nevertheless, it has been a productive day. We popped out twice, first before lunch to buy a birthday present and then afterwards for a couple of errands in town. After we paid a foreign cheque into the bank on George Street (a follow-up to the pain of claiming expenses on Wednesday) we wandered past some of the stalls of the Christmas market. There I blipped these shiny things.

Back at the house again I planned the detail of our trip to Finland at the start of December, made some mince pies for Mr hazelh, and used up some left-overs in a quiche for supper.

Sadly I didn't make it out on my bike today, but I have been a bit sniffly and I don't want to end up travelling when ill at the end of next week. I might take a spin tomorrow, depending on the weather, my state of health, and whether or not I sleep tonight.

Exercise today: walking (13,303 steps)

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