No, not the biting type of shark, it's a brand of helmet. My old multicoloured shark helmet has been dropped 2 or 3 times, not a good thing to do with motorcycle helmets, and with the white CTX1300 it was time to change.
Lennon has been using a reasonable, but very cheap, helmet off ebay. 
With it being black friday we went to our local Honda dealer, Thunderroad in Gloucester, and Lennon got fitted properly for his.
Turns out he has a 'funny shaped head' so it took a long time to find one that fitted properly, very important that it fits properly of course.
Sods law states that 'If you have a funny shaped head none of the enormous discounts apply'! Some were down to £39.99.
When we found the one that fitted him properly ( I wanted white to match the CTX ) I tried a Medium size and it fitted perfectly first time. Nice to know my head is fairly normal.
Still a good saving when the two helmets cost £215 instead of nearly £600.

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