Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Yikes! Did anyone see what happened?

Everyone was calmly flitting to and fro, eating seeds, chirping, doing normal bird stuff...when suddenly the titmice sounded the alarm call.  Birds scattered in all directions just in time for a small hawk (either Coopers or Sharp-shinned) to swoop low over the feeders, and my head, before zooming off.  A close call.  All the birds stayed in place for several minutes, most of them well hidden in the cherry trees, while the woodpeckers were frozen in place on several feeders.  Eventually, after what seemed a safe period of time, the birds emerged and resumed normal activity.

Shortly after, Hubs and I left to pick MIL up to take her out to a local Italian place for lunch.  A good time had by all.  We took her back to the Home after and got her settled in then came home.  

After we got home, I saw that the hanging tray feeder seemed to be empty so I went out to put seeds in it...and discovered an alarming number of small gray feathers in the feeder.  Which can only mean that either a titmouse or a junco met a (hopefully fast) end, and provided a hungry hawk with a meal.  I have come to terms with the realities of nature - everything must eat and birds like hawks need meat, often in the form of small birds.  Just the same, I relocated the feeder closer to the cherry tree in the hopes that it will provide better cover for all the little birds.  

My most enjoyable walk yesterday had an unhappy foot note - when I was getting out of the shower this morning, I found a small deer tick embedded  in me.  I'm not sure what is more disgusting than having a tick with it's head buried in your flesh.  Anyway, with Hubs help, it was extricated and flushed.  Have I mentioned that I really, really dislike ticks?  A lot.  

Temps today in the low 40's with gusty winds.  The latter of which caused the normally tidy Tufted Titmouse crests to blow all over the place.  


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