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By Sallymair

It's a match!

Very happy bunny today. Our couch was getting a bit saggy, and being Parker knoll the cushions were going to be very expensive to replace. After procrastinating and mulling over my options, I went to Ikea on Thursday and picked up a couch cushion from their odds and ends corner for very little, I needed 61cm by 159, this was 61cm by 200, clearly meant for me! The guy asked me how much I wanted to pay for it, so nothing ventured I tried my luck!
I came home and found some similar Parker Knoll fabric on eBay..... I had been checking things out for a while and knew what I thought I wanted, it was fingers crossed about the colours though. The fabric arrived today and I've just wrapped it around to see how it looked and I couldn't be happier.
The long section beneath the loose cushions is the new part.
Revamped couch for under £60. Just got to do the actually cutting and sewing now!

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