Maria Island

See full album here (after the picture of the tessellated pavement)

Stayed at the Enkelaars shack in Orford on Friday night, and got the first ferry to the Island at 9am.

We cycled from Darlington to Haunted Bay, on the southern part of the island, involving crossing a sandy isthmus and climbing a 200m hill. After a lunch break, we doglegged back and around to Robey's farm, a fascinating place, left much the way it was when abandoned in the 60's. 

We returned across the isthmus and turned left towards Encampment cove and our night's camp. We were a little surprised to find about 30 fishermen who have driven their boats here, set up camp and were enjoying several beers late into the night.

After dinner, we did a short walk to the Point Lesueur weather station and back. We were blown away by the number of wombats we saw (around 100 or so!) and were treated to a gorgeous sunset!

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